TBR: Re-reading Childhood Favorites

As of 5/19/2017
Angelic Layer Series
Volume 1 || Volume 2 || Volume 3 || Volume 4 || Volume 5
Wrap-Up Post + Video Will be Posted Soon!

Song of the Lioness Quartet
Alanna: The First Adventure || In the Hand of the Goddess || The Woman Who Rides Like a Man || Lioness Rampant

Immortals Quartet
Wild Magic || Wolf-Speaker || Emperor Mage || The Realms of the Gods

Enchanted Forest Chronicles
Dealing with Dragons || Searching for Dragons || Calling on Dragons || Talking to Dragons

Deltora Quest
The Forests of Silence || The Lake of Tears || City of Rats || The Shifting Sands || Dread Mountain || The Maze of the Beast || The Valley of the Lost || Return to Del

Gossip Girl
It Had to be You || Gossip Girl || You Know You Love Me || All I Want is Everything || Because I’m Worth It || I Like It Like That || You’re the One That I Want || Nobody Does it Better || Nothing Can Keep Us Together || Only In Your Dreams || Would I Lie to You || Don’t You Forget About Me || I Will Always Love You ||