Mount Tamalpais Adventure I.

If you’ve read my 2019 Adventure Goals post, then you know that this year I’m embarking on two hiking challenges; the 365 Mile Challenge and the 52 Hike Challenge. I’m hoping to share my entire journey with you guys here!

Started off the New Year right with a little 5.4 mile hike on Mt. Tam with my cutie.

First off, let me just say that Mount Tamalpais State Park is huge. It covers roughly 6,300 acres (as told to me by a ranger) and has over 60 miles worth of trails. So my little hike in no way, shape, or form encompasses the enormity of the park.

We started off at Pantoll Campground which has an $8 cash/check only parking fee. I would strongly advise arriving as early as possible because the parking lot is small and does fill up quickly. We had to wait about 5 minutes for a space to free up and we got there around 11am. If you bring a refillable water bottle there are water fountains where you can fill up and there are also bathrooms!

We started off on the Steep Ravine Trail which runs along Webb Creek and features a lovely stand of redwood trees. I would strongly suggest wearing layers if you plan on hiking along the creek since the temperature can get to be quite chilly. Also, leaving on the Steep Ravine Trail means the majority of you’re hike you’ll be going downhill – which to me always makes me feel a lot colder.

The trail also features a 10 foot ladder that you’ll have to either climb up or down to continue with the hike.

Honestly…the ladder was probably my favorite part of the trail. Since we left Pantoll on the Steep Ravine Trail we ended having to go down the ladder; however, if you’re returning to Pantoll via the Steep Ravine Trail you’ll go up it.

I’m an absolute sucker for wood bridges and the trail does feature quite a few of them.

In order to get back to Pantoll Camp we ended up taking the Dipsea Trail to Deer Park Fire Road. Taking the Dipsea Trail back is tough since the entire hike is essentially uphill. Those stairs were no joke.

I spent the majority of the uphill portion of the hike slowly dying and chatting with Gabe so I didn’t take anywhere near as many pictures as I did in the beginning. BUT! The view from the top was absolutely worth it, if not a little bit startling suddenly being thrust into open skies.

We followed the Dipsea Trail to the semi paved Deer Park Fire Road and then we were back at the car.

All in all, it was a super lovely hike that I deeply enjoyed and I can’t wait for more Mount Tam. adventures. What are some of your favorite hikes, parks, etc? Let me know!

Challenge Check-In
5/365 Miles
1/52 Hikes