Weekly Reading Goals || August 6th – 12th

I’m bringing back the “Weekly Reading Goals” you guys!

This week it’s mostly me trying to knock out a decent chunk of my August TBR. Since posting my August TBR I have finished with Talon of God and March Book One.


Deadly Class Vol. 5: Carousel

(and potentially Vols. 1-4)

I mentioned in my August TBR video that I’m really excited about volume 5 of this series. Some of the freshmen from the first four volumes have made it to sophomore status at Kings Dominion School of the Deadly Arts and there is also a new freshmen class to replace those lost from the last school year. Saya is one of my favorite characters so I’m looking forward to seeing how she moves forward from the events of the last volume.

The reason why I want to re-read volumes 1-4 is because I want to do a review on the series and I need to refresh my memory on them before I even attempt to do that. I currently have the previous four volumes checked out via Hoopla (awesome app – swear I’m not sponsored) and I’m looking forward to reading them again.


March Book 2

Since posting my August TBR I have finished with Book One of the March trilogy. March is about the life of John Lewis one of the key figures of the Civil Rights movement. If you’re super familiar with the Civil Rights movement and John Lewis you might want to sit this series out, but if you’re unfamiliar you might want to give it a try. I’m going to do a full review of this series once I actually finish reading through it so stay tuned for that. I’m looking at it more as a potential educational resource that I can recommend to young people or to people who really don’t know anything about the Civil Rights movement. I know the majority of my history so I’m pretty familiar with the events of these graphic novels, but I am finding them to be engaging enough to keep me reading.


Black Panther: The Complete Collection Vol. 1

Yooo, I’ve been on a Black Panther kick lately. I’ve had this one checked out from the library for a while now and I think I have to return it soon because someone else has requested it. This is part of a five volume series that covers the 1998 run of Black Panther as written by Christopher Priest. This volume collects issues 1-17 and I’m currently on issue 8. This volume focuses on T’Challa’s reputation as a statesman through the eyes of government official Everett K. Ross, his relationship with the Avengers, and a coup in Wakanda. I would love to finish this volume this week.





I only have 50 pages of this book to go so I see no reason as to why I shouldn’t be able to finish it this week. I can’t really say much about this book besides from the fact that I’m really enjoying learning about Hypatia and how education worked in late antiquity.








In The Wake

Since I’m going to finishing Hypatia this week I figure I might as well start on In The Wake. My goal is to read the first two chapters since this is a four chapter book. All I really know about this book is that Sharpe is interrogating the literary, visual, cinematic, and quotidian (every day) representations of Black life. It sounds super educational and I’m (as usual) looking forward to getting started on it.








What do you plan on reading this week?