The Rereading of the Reread || Angelic Layer || Pre-reading Thoughts



The first series that I’m planning on rereading is Angelic Layer by CLAMP.

If this post looks incredibly familiar, it’s because I essentially posted this exact post two months ago. I finished my reread of the series a few days after that initial post, but due to odd life circumstances I just never got around to posting my thoughts or even editing any of the vlog footage.  I’ve decided to just re-reread this series since at this point in time I don’t have as much going on as when I first reread it. I’m not dealing with relationship stuff, packing for a trip to Vegas, or working an insane amount of extra hours. So, let’s get this rereading party started off right this time!

How I Encountered This Series
In middle school I had two friends who could have potentially recommended this series to me; J and M. J was super into manga and anime and M was also into manga but not as much as J. I’m pretty sure that both of them had read the series because I faintly remember having conversations with both of them about how cool it would be if the technology that made the dolls move actually existed.

Even though I recently reread this series, my memories are still a tad bit hazy. There’s still one panel that sticks out in my mind, and it’s when the main character, Misaki, is sewing her doll’s battle outfit. I remember seeing that panel and wanting to be able to hand sew clothing. I was actually really excited when we hit the Home Economics portion of our elective rotation in middle school because it meant that we would be spending a month learning how to hand sew. I wanted soooooooo badly to be able to sew clothing, but alas, while I can mend clothes (& kinda sorta put something together) being able to hand sew an entire outfit is not something I can do.

However, I do also remember buying a Barbie Doll and attempting to sew her an outfit. I can’t remember the specifics of what either the Barbie or the outfit looked like, but it was definitely “bad” enough that I just didn’t pursue anything sewing related after that.

Do I Expect To Still Enjoy It?
Heck yes.



Re-reading Childhood Favorites || Introduction


I work at a library so I tend to constantly come across books that I read as a child/teenager that cause me to go “OMG, I loved this book/series when I was [insert age here]!”

Recently, I came across all five of the Angelic Layer volumes and I couldn’t help myself, I absolutely had to check them out. Angelic Layer was the first manga series that I remember reading and whenever somebody mentions manga it’s always the first series that I blurt out. However, I haven’t read it since I was in middle school. Which brings me the point of this potential series.

I want to re-read a relatively decent chunk of the books that I feel in love with as a youth. I want to see how they potentially shaped me as a person, and as a reader.

I’m still not sure what the format of this series is going to look like. I don’t know if I want to do a daily check-in when it comes to these books, or if I want to wait until I finish a book/series before I talk about it. I’m also considering the possibility of me vlogging while I read the book and just recording my initial reactions and thoughts.

Maybe a combination of all of the above? Ha, I’ll figure it out eventually.

However! If you’re curious about what books are going to be read then check out my ~official~ TBR list.

Let me know what some of your favorite books were when you were a child/teenager!

Hope you have a wonderful day & read a wonderful book,