Am I Reading Slower?!?!

I don’t know if it’s an age thing or a life thing, but lately I feel like I’ve been taking forever to read anything.

Rereading that sentence I’ve come to the conclusion that it is definitely a
“life thing”, nothing can truly be an “age thing” at 26…well a few things, but not this thing.

Anyway, I digress.

The last book I read (& I’m not counting graphic novels) was The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch. It was 690 pages; I started reading it on June 19th and I didn’t finish it until July 11th – which prompted me to tweet the following tweet:


It took me nearly a month to read something that usually would take me no longer than 3-7 days to read. Practically an entire month of reading only that novel. Looking back, I honestly can’t think of any life events that would have caused me to take forever and a day to read that dang book. I was pretty much over my break-up at that point, my room was clean, I wasn’t in school, and I was in what I consider to be a pretty decent mental state. Essentially, I was living my best life.

And the thing that truly bothers me about the whole situation is now I’m side-eyeing every other book I’m considering reading like “Are you going to take me forever to read? Am I going to waste nearly a month of my time reading yet another book that I’m going to give 3 stars to on Goodreads? What’s really good book? Lemme know now before I pick you up.”

I don’t even know if I’m enjoying the book that I’m currently reading because I keep looking at the date and wondering if I’m taking too long to read it. It’s lowkey giving me anxiety.

Which brings me to my questions:
Have you ever gone from being a relatively quick reader to all of a sudden taking forever and a day to finish something you would have usually finished in a less than a week?
What did you do to reboot your reading speed or are you still struggling with it?

Please, let ya girl know because I’m actually stressing about this dang situation.

Hope you have a wonderful day & read a wonderful book!
– Rae



Video version of this post can be found here: Reader Problems || Reading Slower?!