Mount Tamalpais Adventure I.

If you’ve read my 2019 Adventure Goals post, then you know that this year I’m embarking on two hiking challenges; the 365 Mile Challenge and the 52 Hike Challenge. I’m hoping to share my entire journey with you guys here!

Started off the New Year right with a little 5.4 mile hike on Mt. Tam with my cutie.

First off, let me just say that Mount Tamalpais State Park is huge. It covers roughly 6,300 acres (as told to me by a ranger) and has over 60 miles worth of trails. So my little hike in no way, shape, or form encompasses the enormity of the park.

We started off at Pantoll Campground which has an $8 cash/check only parking fee. I would strongly advise arriving as early as possible because the parking lot is small and does fill up quickly. We had to wait about 5 minutes for a space to free up and we got there around 11am. If you bring a refillable water bottle there are water fountains where you can fill up and there are also bathrooms!

We started off on the Steep Ravine Trail which runs along Webb Creek and features a lovely stand of redwood trees. I would strongly suggest wearing layers if you plan on hiking along the creek since the temperature can get to be quite chilly. Also, leaving on the Steep Ravine Trail means the majority of you’re hike you’ll be going downhill – which to me always makes me feel a lot colder.

The trail also features a 10 foot ladder that you’ll have to either climb up or down to continue with the hike.

Honestly…the ladder was probably my favorite part of the trail. Since we left Pantoll on the Steep Ravine Trail we ended having to go down the ladder; however, if you’re returning to Pantoll via the Steep Ravine Trail you’ll go up it.

I’m an absolute sucker for wood bridges and the trail does feature quite a few of them.

In order to get back to Pantoll Camp we ended up taking the Dipsea Trail to Deer Park Fire Road. Taking the Dipsea Trail back is tough since the entire hike is essentially uphill. Those stairs were no joke.

I spent the majority of the uphill portion of the hike slowly dying and chatting with Gabe so I didn’t take anywhere near as many pictures as I did in the beginning. BUT! The view from the top was absolutely worth it, if not a little bit startling suddenly being thrust into open skies.

We followed the Dipsea Trail to the semi paved Deer Park Fire Road and then we were back at the car.

All in all, it was a super lovely hike that I deeply enjoyed and I can’t wait for more Mount Tam. adventures. What are some of your favorite hikes, parks, etc? Let me know!

Challenge Check-In
5/365 Miles
1/52 Hikes

2019 Adventure Goals

I spent what feels like the majority of 2018 exploring and loving every second of it. I went to a different country (England) for the first time by myself and went to an entirely different state with my boyfriend. I went to an amazing assortment of both national and state parks and hiked to my heart’s content both alone and with friends. Honestly, 2018 set the bar for me in terms of adventuring, exploring, and just living my happiest life.

In order to keep that momentum, I’m setting three “adventure” goals for myself for 2019 and they are as follows;

I. Hike 365 miles and complete 52 hikes.

As mentioned, I hiked a lot in 2018. I didn’t keep amazing track of the miles I trekked over the year nor how many hikes/trails I did, but I know I did a lot! In order to keep the motivation going, and to showcase that PoC and WoC are also out doing outdoorsy I signed up for both the 365 Mile Challenge and the 52 Hike Challenge. I’m hoping that by accomplishing one I’ll also be accomplishing the other which is why they’re lumped under the same goal!

II. Go to Yosemite or Yellowstone National Park

If I could afford to go to both I would. I haven’t been to Yosemite since I was in 6th grade and its been on my list of places to go ever since and Yellowstone I’ve just always been incredibly intrigued by (probably because it was the other national park option for the trip). However, money, transportation, and shitty relationships have always prevented me from actually going and for the first time in a hot minute; I’m actually in a good place with all three of those things!

III. Go to at least one new country and one new state.

Currently I have travel plans to go to Cairo, Egypt in March with the boothang and potentially Pennsylvania, but why stop there? If I can afford it and if the fates allow it, I would love to go to more than one of each. I have dreams of being able to cross off having been to a national or state park in each state before I’m 50.


Aaaand, that’s it for my 2019 adventure goals! Let me know if you accomplished any travel/adventure goals in 2018 and if you have any for 2019! Also, if you want to keep up with my travels feel free to follow me on Instagram under the username PuffDaddyRae!

A Sutro Heights Wander

As semi-promised in my A Foggy Land’s End Wander post I eventually made it over the Sutro District on an overcast, foggy, and windy Monday afternoon. It was lovely. Of course, it’s an absolutely beautiful place when its blue skies and fluffy clouds, but I’m a true San Franciscian and love the grey. It speaks to my soul.

I wandered around Sutro Park for a while and then headed over to the Baths before heading back home.

Hope you enjoy the photos!




I also found out that Sutro, despite being hailed as quite the philanthropist, had his bathhouse segregated. As much as people always want to think and say that San Francisco has always been an open and free city that has always stood for equal rights and social equality, there’s always been this undercurrent of greed, money, power, and extreme social stratification here. It’s nothing new to today as much as San Franciscans always try to pretend that it is. IMG_9795.jpg

And yes, I am purposely posting this on the 4th, the same day that John Harris was denied entry into Sutro Baths and the same day that we’re supposed to be celebrating freedom and independence in the United States. There’s a whole bunch I could say about how much I despise the 4th of July, how I wish we didn’t celebrate this holiday, and how I wish that this country got its start in another way but alas, that’s a post for an entirely different day. Let me hop off my soapbox and go about my day.

Hope you enjoyed the photos!

Hope you all have a wonderful day, and read a wonderful book!

A Foggy Land’s End Wander

Land’s End is on my favorite “I just need some outdoor time” morning walks. It’s a beautiful place with beautiful coastal and oceans views, flowers, and just general peacefulness. It was a little bit foggy/overcast today when I went for my walk, but I love that whole vibe so it wasn’t a bad thing. Usually, I walk down to Mile Rock Beach and then turn around but today I decided to just walk the entire trail which ends at Sutro Baths/Ocean Beach.

Enjoy the photos!


For thee longest, I’ve been trying to guess why that rock was painted white. I had my theories that it had something to do with boats and shipping but I wasn’t sure, and then I was convinced that some prankster had just thrown white paint on it and through some weird urban legend it became known as Painted Rock, but now I know. Anywho, back to the pictures.


And that pretty much sums up my Land’s End to Sutro Baths walk! I’m planning on visiting Sutro Baths pretty soon because I saw there was some new graffiti painted on the ruins so keep an eye out for that post if you’re interested in San Francisco graffiti!

Round trip it was 3.29 miles and it took me about an hour and twenty minutes.  Of course, I’m forever stopping to take pictures or videos of stuff so that probably adds to my walking time too.


Hope you have a lovely day, read a wonderful book and see a beautiful sight,


Alamere Falls Hike

I’ve been dealing with mild depression for a few weeks and one of the ways that I manage to keep it at bay is by getting out into nature as often as possible. Monday was the day I decided to finally make the drive up to Bolinas to seek out the Alamere Falls.

I’m not going to lie, I was super nervous about embarking on this hike solo. Usually, I go on these types of trips with my boyfriend, but he’s currently in South Africa for a decent chunk of the month and I’ll be starting my second job at the end of the month so I won’t have time for my usual adventures.

The Palomarin Trail is about an hour away from San Francisco via the Shoreline Hwy and is located in a pretty isolated part of Bolinas. In fact, the entire last mile to the trailhead is on a dirt road – that’s how far out the way it is. The hike itself can range from 8-14miles roundtrip depending on which trail you take to the Falls, oh! and there’s absolutely no cell phone service.

The trail was absolutely beautiful and just the right combination of coastal and inland hiking. The only part that was ~meh~ was the very beginning which featured eucalyptus trees…I’m really not a fan of eucalyptus trees. Thankfully that chunk only lasted for a quarter mile before the trail opened up to beautiful skies, coastal views, foresty vibes, flowers, and greenery.



IMG_5776 3.JPG

Now, this was the point of my hike where I had to double back because I had realized I had passed the “trail” that actually goes to Alamere Falls. Aaaaaaand lemme tell you, the trail was literally just marked by a really sketch rock arrow on the ground which is why I passed it up the first time. Any logical city kid will tell you that an arrow on the ground is most likely going to lead to your stuff getting jacked sooooooo, I feel like I was justified in my wariness. However, it was so worth it! Along with the terrifying scramble down two cliffs to the beach (I DO NOT ADVISE THIS AT ALL. IN FACT, I HIGHLY WARN AGAINST IT).


It was stunning and I honestly can’t believe I made the hike by myself, nor can I believe I asked a random person to take a photo. My total distance was 11.51 miles and it took me 4hrs and 36minutes.

As a word to the wise, I would strongly suggest NOT climbing the cliff and instead taking the extra 2 miles and go down to Wildcat Beach. People get horribly injured climbing the cliffs and I was pretty lucky to have only scraped my knee after a horrible misstep on my return climb. Seriously, my life damn near flashed before my eyes.

I track my hikes through the FitBit app (totes not sponsored) and this is what my Alamere Hike looked like. You can totally see where I realized that I all sorts of went the wrong way…several times. Hiking alone can be scary y’all. Take plenty of water, stay on the trail, and make sure you let someone know where you’re at!