Currently Checked Out Vol. VI

Another week, another Currently Checked Out post! I promise that eventually, I will have some other types of posts. In trying to make sure that each post has a matching YouTube video it gets a little bit tricky filming and editing two videos in a week. Thankfully, I no longer have a 6-day a week work schedule and now have 2 days off instead of just 1 so fingers crossed that means I’ll have some more time for content creation! Now, let’s getting into this Currently Checked Out post! These are all the books and eResources that I’ve used from Dec. 13th – 20th.

The Books

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig
Synopsis via Goodreads
Checked out from: MARINet
ISBN: 9780525559474
Green Apple Books $26.00 | Books Inc. $26.00 | $23.92 | Amazon $17.36✔︎

I’ve read two other fiction books by Matt Haig, The Humans, which I absolutely loved, and How To Stop Time which I didn’t enjoy nearly as much. However, I’m willing to read a third novel by Haig because the synopsis on this one sounds so good and I do enjoy Haig’s writing style. This novel is apparently about a library where there are an infinite number of books that contain the stories of different realities. A woman named Nora finds the library and is presented with the option to see all of her life’s possibilities and choose which one is the most fulfilling to her. I love a good library setting and a “what life should I choose” storyline so I have high hopes for this one.


Nights When Nothing Happened by Simon Han
Synopsis via Goodreads
Checked out from: MARINet
ISBN: 9780593086056
Green Apple Books $26.00✔︎ | Books Inc. $26.00 | $23.92 | Amazon $22.99

I came across this one in the NY Times back in early November and the review by Thessaly La Force made me want to read it. This novel is about a family who has immigrated from China to Texas and has finally become secure enough in their status to not only have a second child, but to also bring their firstborn child over from China. When the younger child begins to sleepwalk her adventures upset the family’s fragile stability and forces everyone to examine family secrets and the overall dynamic of their familial unit. The review definitely piqued my interest more than the synopsis does which is an interesting feeling. Has anyone else ever been “meh” on a synopsis but then hearing or reading a review has made you change your mind on book?


They Never Learn by Layne Fargo
Synopsis via Goodreads
Checked out from: SFPL
ISBN: 9781982132026
Green Apple Books $27.00 n/a | Books Inc. $27.00 n/a | $24.85 | Amazon $18.57✔︎

I believe I came across this one while I was looking for thriller books to read back in October. Every year I always think I’m going to read thrillers and mysteries in October and every year I end up reading them in every single month except for October.
This novel features an English professor named Scarlett who goes on a yearly hunt for the “worst man” at the university she teaches at and murders them. However, her body count is drawing attention and she finds that an investigation has started to find out who is killing the students and why. There is also a freshman student who has finally escaped the clutches of her abusive father and when she finds out that her roommate has been sexually assaulted at a party she starts to turn her fantasies for revenge into reality.
As much as I’m looking forward to diving into this book, I am worried about how I’m going to deal with the sexual assault portion or portions. I’m hoping that nothing is too graphic or detailed or else I might have to put this one off to the side.


The Appointment by Katharina Volckmer
Synopsis via Goodreads
Checked out from: SFPL
ISBN: 9781982150174
Green Apple Books $22.00 | Books Inc. $22.00 | $20.24 | Amazon $15.85✔︎

No clue why I requested this but the synopsis seems super interesting. Essentially this novel is a monologue by a young German woman living in London who is struggling to find her sexuality and identity. There are also mentions of Hitler-centered sexual fantasies, the medicinal properties of squirrel tales, and overbearing mothers. It sounds like The Appointment has the potential to be a fun time. The novel promises to be deliciously dark and subversively funny which I really hope it delivers on because the last few books that I thought were going to have even slightly funny moments did not contain any funny at all.


Prosper’s Demon by K.J. Parker
Synopsis via Goodreads
Checked out from: SFPL
ISBN: 9781250260512
Green Apple Books $11.99✔︎ | Books Inc. $11.99 n/a | $11.03 | Amazon $10.56

Remember that novella keyword search I did a few weeks ago? This is one of the results from that search. The branch that it was located in was closed for a hot minute but once they reopened I was finally able to get my hands on this. This novella features an unnamed narrator who’s a morally questionable exorcist along with a demonically possessed man of science who’s attempting to raise the world’s first philosopher king. I love how it sounds and I’m beyond excited to read it after after I finish up the novel that I’m currently in the middle of.


Real Life by Brandon Taylor
Synopsis via Goodreads
Checked out from: MARINet
ISBN: 9780525538882
Green Apple Books $26.00✔︎ | Books Inc. $26.00 | $23.92 | Amazon $22.99

I’m 99.9% sure I came across this one in the 2020 Booker Prize shortlist. I’ve been steadily trying to read more books that have either won or been nominated for awards even though in the past I haven’t been too big on books that have (but that’s a story for another day). Anywho, this novel features a gay, introverted, African-American man named Wallace who is a studying biochem at a predominately White university in the midwest and a series of events with a straight dude who exposes currents of resentment and desire within Wallace’s limited friend group and community. It sounds like something that would have been up for an award so I’m interesting in seeing how my experience reading this goes.


The eResources

Database: Libby via SFPL
Ring Shout by P. Djèlí Clark (audiobook)
Synopsis via Goodreads
ISBN: 9781980064572
Green Apple Books n/a | Books Inc. n/a | n/a| Amazon $18.37✔︎

I read Ring Shout a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it. I’ve heard some pretty good things about the audiobook and while I’m very rarely an audiobook person, I decided to give this one a go. I’ve started listening to it and so far I love how Channie Waites is narrating the story. The run time is a bit over 5 hours so I’m hoping that I’ll finish listening to it before it automatically returns. The only time I ever really find myself listening to it is when I’m on my commute to my librarian gig 2x a week. Hopefully that will be time to knock this one out before it automatically returns.


Database: Flipster via SFPL
Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs
Synopsis via Goodreads
ISBN: 9781941325117
Green Apple Books n/a | Books Inc. n/a | $8.29✔︎ | Amazon $6.91

Flipster is similar to RBDigital Magazines in the sense that it has a ton of digital magazine offerings. However, unlike RBDigital, it offers advanced search options and allows for the searcher to search all issues of a selected magazine for their desired article.
I was shook when I discovered the Flipster has coloring books! Absolutely shook! I’ve been wanting to color for relaxation purposes but I really haven’t wanted to fork over the money for a coloring book when I’m unsure if I would ever actually use it and what if I mess up in my coloring and want to start over? I’d have to buy an entirely new coloring book which does not sound relaxing at all. I’m super juiced that Flipster through SFPL has four coloring books on offer. I decided to save a few pages from “Stress Relieving Animal Designs” to my laptop and plan on printing them once I have access to a pinter.

How Much $$$ Did I Save?

With San Francisco sales tax (8.5%) factored in the total amount of money I saved this week is $151.69

Breakdown by purchasing location:
Amazon = $74.71
Green Apple = $68.15 = $8.83
Books Inc. = $0.00

Breakdown by library:
SFPL = $77.82
MARINet = $73.87

I’m Curious…

What do you currently have checked out? & if you don’t have anything checked out, what are you currently reading?
Bonus Question: How do you feel about book award lists? I used to think they were overrated, but now I’m starting to see why people tend to read exclusively from them.
Let me know in the comments!


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