Batwing | Preliminary Thoughts

Guess who’s finally decided to pick up a superhero graphic novel series after who knows how many years (and I’m not counting Ta-Nehisi Coates run of Black Panther)?

Obviously me. Duh. I don’t even know why that was a question.

Now, what made me decide that this was the moment to attempt to get back into the whole superhero graphic novel genre? A series called Batwing that features an African Batman, that’s what.

I was at work doing a very speedy room clean, since the library was closing in 4 minutes and I had 3 minutes to make it to my bus, and I was instantly captured by the cover of Batwing, Vol. 2: In the Shadow of the AncientsBatwing Vol. 2: In the Shadow of the Ancients. I quickly read the synopsis on the back and thought it sounded very intriguing. I’m all for black superheros, and I’m even more for African superheros – especially when their main story takes place in Africa. I had absolutely no time whatsoever to search for the first volume, take a picture, or check it out so I threw up a quick prayer to the universe that I would remember the title and bolted to my bus stop (I ended up running about a solid city block after the bus). Needless to say, I totally forgot all about it the second I stepped on the bus.

Yet! I totally did end up remembering it as I was attempting to clean my house the next day. I couldn’t remember the title but, thankfully, Hoopla had my back. I ended up searching for “Africa Batman” and it was the first (and pretty much only) series to pop up. I promptly downloaded all four of the available titles and started on Volume 1: The Lost Kingdom.

Now. My main reason for not reading superhero based graphic novels/comics is simple. I very rarely enjoy them. I loved Christopher Priest’s run of Black Panther and Garth Ennis’ Punisher along with a few other sporadic favorites but there’s just something eh about the superhero/villain trope to me when it comes to GNs (and books!). The dialogue, to me, tends to feel incredibly predictable and stale. Also, all the reboots, backstories, and authors damn near make it impossible for me to figure out where to start. So, the amount of trust that I’m putting in this run just because it features an African Batman is pretty high.

I’m planning on doing a “series” review once I finish them. At the time of me writing this I’m currently on Volume 4: Welcome to the Family and well…I have some mixed feelings. I’ve been recording my thoughts after finishing each volume for my YouTube channel so hopefully I’ll be able to recall my feelings toward individual volumes for a coherent blog post. You might be asking, “Why I don’t just write them as I go along” and to answer your potential question – “I’m simply not that motivated or productive and I’m easily distracted.”

But! I do intend on seeing this series through! I even uploaded the video version of this blog post on my channel!


Hope you have a wonderful day & read a wonderful book,


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