Fresh(ish) Start

If you’re an actual frequenter of this space, you might have noticed that I’ve deleted EVERYTHING. Yup, everything is gone (well, not “gone gone”, but not publically accessible anymore).

I want this space to represent me. I want to be able to point this site as a place where someone can go if they want to get a glimpse into the inner workings of my mind, or if they want to know what I’ve been up to. I want to share my thoughts on books, nature, race, sexuality, life, growing in San Francisco, my grad student struggles, my victories, my failures etc.

I want to share everything, within reason of course. 

Every once in a while I’ll get to talking about my life with someone, and they’ll tell me something along the lines of “you should write a book” or “you should write a series of essays” and I’ve always laughed and said “naaaah” but in the back of my mind that’s always stuck with me. I think the reason why I’ve never attempted is because;

  1. Books cost money (and time) to create.
  2. I’m super long-winded when it comes to writing or talking about anything related to myself. Seriously, a book by me would be damn near the length of the entire Harry Potter series.
  3. People would have to pay for my tome of a book and I’d probably have to issue a ton of refunds and receive a ton of hate mail.
  4. I don’t have any overall messages. I’m still living, fucking up, and succeeding in the same portions I always have, so OBVIOUSLY, I haven’t learned shit.

However, a blog is completely free. Well…not free to me. I have to pay yearly for this space. Which I guess is ok? I mean, hey, I like having the option to have my own URL without the part attached to it and choosing from fancy templates I struggle with using. I get to pretend that I’m ~fancy~.

So, this space. It’s currently empty, but will eventually feature my random short stories/misc. writings, book reviews, lame iPhone photos from my occasional hikes, and just random thoughts about my days.

Let’s see how long this bout of semi-consistant blogging lasts.


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