Weekly Wrap Up || August 6th – 12th

We are totally going to pretend that I posted this in a timely manner. Thank you for your cooperation😂


Deadly Class Vol. 5: Carousel

This was definitely a dope ass volume with an even crazier ending than the 4th. The new freshman class is pretty insane and the new group of friends that the story follows is definitely a group I can get behind. They play D&D and have a more “innocent” nature than the group in the first four volumes. However, I didn’t manage to get around to rereading the previous volumes, but when my TBR pile has dwindled down and I’ve gotten around to filming a view of the reviews I have typed up I fully intend on getting around to reading those.



March: Book 2

As I mentioned in my goals video, I’m not reading this series with the intent of learning anything incredibly new. I’m reading this series to see if it conveys a historical message in a way that I feel comfortable with recommending for youngish people and people unfamiliar with the Civil Rights movement. This book focuses first on the Freedom Riders and then on the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom; the same march where MLK Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream Speech”.  So far it’s been a good series and I’m definitely enjoying how the history is being told and portrayed.


Black Panther: The Complete Collection Vol. 1

This was also a dope read. I didn’t realize that Christoper Priest was the same person who wrote Static Shock, and that was one of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid! This volume definitely did not disappoint and I loved the way how the story evolved throughout the issues. I actually enjoyed that this was told from Everett’s POV. At first I thought that I was going to get too much of Everett and not enough of T’Challa but it was a very nicely done balance of the two.



This was a very cool look into how philosophy was viewed, taught, and coexisted with Christian theology in late antiquity. I went into this knowing only that Hypatia had something to do with Cyril of Alexandra and that she was murdered by a mob. I enjoyed the amount of research that Watts did and the amount of time that he spent explaining background details. I wouldn’t recommend this to someone who isn’t already slightly familiar with late antiquity or to someone who expects this to be solely about Hypatia. This is about Hypatia, her world, and why her life mattered.


In the Wake

I’m going to be honest, like super honest, the only reason why I decided to finish this book this week is because I honestly did not enjoy it. The thought of having to continue onward with this book next week just did not make me excited for reading so I just gritted my teeth and powered through. Now! If you follow me on Goodreads, you may have noticed that I gave this book 4/5 stars. I will not deny that this book is beautifully written, well researched, nicely formatted and all that jazz. It is definitely a four-star (or even five-star) book. It’s just not my book and I didn’t agree with a lot of Sharpe’s criticisms. To me, and I truly mean this as to only myself, this is one of those books that made me feel uncomfortable to be bi-racial. It’s a long story and I’ll probably write a blog post about it some other time but that was just the vibe that this book gave me.



I’d do a mini-wrap up for August 13-19th but honestly, I only read one book, Virgin Soul by Judy Juanita, half-assedly started on Garth Ennis’ Punisher and I full-heartedly started on N.K. Jemisin’s The Stone Sky. So, nothing that warranted it’s own blog post. Hopefully (if I get my act together) I shall see you tomorrow with a new round of reading goals!

Hope you have a wonderful day & read a wonderful book,

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