Well, hello there.


New blog. Who dis?

I know, I know. That joke is utterly played out at this point but I’ve never had a legit reason to use it until now.

If you’ve been redirected here from my old blog, social media postings, or from where-ever, you might already have a faint idea of who I am so this post might be a tad bit pointless for you to read.

But if you’re new, let me introduce myself in bullet point style because honestly, introductions suck.

  • My name is Rachel, but I often respond to Rae & in most situations, I prefer to be called Rae. I absolutely despise being called Rach. I strongly believe that if you’re going to call me Rach you might as well just call me Rachel.
  • I’m 26 years old and totally fine with that. I don’t feel any strong attachment to my age or any true need to express how old I’m getting.
  • I have a B.A. in History from SFSU. I can tell you a ton of things about Europe pre-1500’s and the Roman Empire, slightly less things about China & Japan, and even less about American history. However, to redeem myself I can also tell you a bunch of things about various world religions.
  • I’m currently working on my MLIS @ SJSU.
  • I work at a library & I absolutely love my job.
  • I live in San Francisco.
  • I absolutely love; reading, learning, nature, beaches, the color gray.

Now, on to the real reason as to why I’ve switched over from Blogger to WordPress.

The main reason is that I’ve always wanted to share more about myself, my thoughts, and the things that I do. I can’t always share those things on my channel because somethings my thoughts aren’t things I can easily vocalize. They’re messy and all over the place and they just need a space where they can be laid out and organized.

Of course, I could have done that on my Blogger, but I felt as if Blogger wasn’t offering me the customization that I wanted and I just wanted a fresh start. So, that’s how we got here.

Much like my Blogger, this site will also host all of my bookish related content. Once I start doing book reviews, hauls, and tags the text version of those videos will be posted here. I’m also going to be posting some of my short stories (😱)photos, and just general stream of conscious type of things here. I want this space to be a solid representation of me.

Hopefully, you’ll stick around and I’ll see you soon!



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